About Us

At Ken’s Towing our goal is to provide a professional and superior experience for everyone of our customers.  We are continually striving to exceed our level of towing.  Our staff receives extensive training in specialized towing and recovery work.

We have more than 45 years of experience in car/truck towing, vehicle transportation, commercial towing and recovery services, as well as U.S. cross border towing.

Our fleet offers a full range of up to date towing and recovery vehicles.  To date we have more than twenty (20) trucks that help service the public, from a wide variety that include:  light-duty tow trucks, flatbeds, tri-axle trucks, 40 ton rotator, 65 ton rotator, heavy wreckers and hydraulic float trailers.  We are here to serve your every need.

Ken’s towing employs over fifteen (15) employees.  We have been based in Brantford for over fifty (50) years, and recently expanded into Hamilton, Niagara and Durham regions.  We are a second generation family business.

We have continued to grow based on our strength of service with the right personnel and immaculate fleet of equipment.  We are also dangerous goods certified.

We have built our reputation on excellent service to the community, we provide the best quality of service with reliable safe towing and are an internationally acclaimed leader providing towing and recovery service throughout Canada and the United States. We also provide a safe and secure storage facility for customers and local law enforcement officers, the local law enforcement use our secured facility to secure accidents and crimes,

Kens Towing has many constructive working relationships with government. This includes the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Environment, as well as the local law enforcement.